Climate action

Climate change is real. And it needs immediate action.

We have partnered with Compensate, a Helsinki based non-profit dedicated to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Together with Compensate we will calculate our carbon emissions, identify and invest in the appropriate carbon capture projects, and assess the impact of the offsetting.

Compensate’s three-pronged approach to carbon capture – an independent Scientific Advisory Panel comprised of experts in climate and atmospheric sciences, a strict, independent evaluation criteria for projects and high overcompensation, will ensure both climate integrity and actual impact.

You can find out more about Compensate’s sustainability approach and project criteria on Compensate's webpage.

Our actions to reduce emissions

Our sustainability efforts don’t just involve offsetting our carbon print but also to actively reduce it. Some actions we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint include – procuring raw materials locally, using CO2 neutral packaging, using solar energy in our facilities to the extent available, and using vendors of materials and services who share our sustainability values.

What it means to you

Sustainability and climate action is one of our strategic priorities, and we will foot the bill to bring you a CO2 neutral product. You can support our climate action by simply subscribing to our service, and sharing our story - the more we sell, the more impact we can have while inspiring others too.

Still feeling left out of the action? Well, good news – Compensate has a neat program for individuals also that you can check out here.

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