We made raw dog food easy

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100% natural

Free from synthetic additives, flavors, colors and preservatives. And no grains, potatoes or fillers either.

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Minimally processed

Just high-quality meats and veggies, gently air dried at low temperature.

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Raw food

Complete and balanced raw meals without the hassle of freezing, thawing or soaking in water.

82 - 84% fresh meat & fish

Complemented with fresh veggies, nordic berries and all-natural boosters.

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High in Omegas 3 & 6

From highly digestible and bio-available meat-based ingredients.

Raw dog food has never been this easy

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Proudly obsessed with quality

Our obsession with quality

At Pala, quality is in our hearts, our blood, our DNA. And we’re ready to go to extreme lengths to achieve that. Here are some steps we take to ensure our quality:

• 100% made by us, in our own kitchen. It’s the only way to guarantee our quality.

• All our ingredients come from the same suppliers that supply the finest restaurants in town. You can eat any of the meats and veggies from our stock, fried with butter and dill. We’ve tried. Salmon is our favorite.

• We don’t take any shortcuts or use any pre-processed ingredients. We grind the whole meats and organs, peel the veggies and even grind our own eggshells.

• We don’t compromise – we can get kelp locally and cheaply, but we went all the way to Iceland to source ours. The volcanic activity in the region produces some of the world’s best kelp in terms of mineral content and nutritional profile.

Backed by science

We are guided by some of the brightest minds in the field. Take our recipes – they are developed in collaboration with DogRisk, a leading independent research organization focusing on canine nutrition and health at the University of Helsinki. We also have a research partnership with Tallinn Technical University, to stay abreast of all the latest innovations in food preparation and preservation.

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