Feeding Pala is as easy as opening the bag, measuring and serving. There is no need for adding water - there is adequate moisture in our recipes to aid digestion. But always make sure your pet has access to clean drinking water.

2 to 3 meals a day, depending on your dog's lifestyle and routine.

We suggest that you start by checking your dogs' caloric needs and feeding recommendations in our Feeding Calculator. Please note that the recommendation is based on averages and like people, all dogs are different. Start with the recommended feeding quantity but adjust higher or lower when you start noticing any changes in your dog's Body Condition Score and/or appearance after 3-4 weeks.

Every dog is different. While the feeding portions maybe smaller than they are used to, you can rest easy knowing that they are getting the best possible nutrition. It takes a few days for the dogs to get used to the smaller portions. You can help them during the transition by offering them some other stimulation like a safe chew (our reindeer antlers are perfect for this), or adding an extra meal into their routine (feeding less and often). The key is to be patient, but strong - don't let that puppy face manipulate you into feeding more :)

A: No. Our recipes are meticulously balanced to provide the optimal nutrition for all life stages, meeting and exceeding 100% of the nutritional recommendations set by the European Petfood Industry Federation (FEDIAF).

Pala is easy to mix with other foods and is also well suited as a meal topper. Thanks to the high quality ingredients and lack of fillers, our foods are not only very tasty for the pups but also add a healthy dose of Omegas, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. For optimal results, we recommend at least 25% of the food intake in Pala.

Absolutely! We highly recommend rotating the recipes in order to offer your friend some variety. All our recipes have a unique nutritional profile, mixing it up will also give your dog the best out of all worlds.

Pala is a complete food with high caloric value. It will meet all your dog's needs, just make sure to follow up on the Body Condition Scoring and regularly check the appropriate feeding quantities with our Feeding calculator.

Kibble does not clean the teeth, it is the abrasive action of the teeth against the hard pieces that removes plaque. Any firm food or treat can do the same job - like any of our air-dried treats, or our reindeer antler chews, for example.

Our complete recipes are raw - they are not exposed to high temperatures and are gently air-dried over a long period. This process preserves all the beneficial enzymes from the organ meats, the protein structure and amino acids while making the recipes easily digestible. We also balance our recipes using only natural, whole ingredients, like high quality meats for amino acids, fish for natural bio-available Omega fatty acids, fresh veggies for vitamins and anti-oxidants, Icelandic kelp for minerals, etc. Our primary objective is to make a complete, balanced and wholesome diet using only natural, minimally processed ingredients that exceed all the nutritional recommendations set-out by accredited organizations like FEDIAF.

Better health, increased vitality, healthier skin and coat, and better stools - these are some of the visible benefits when switching to Pala. Our foods are made with minimally processed, only natural ingredients. By using only high quality meats and fish to naturally balance the recipes, we avoid the need for adding any synthetic additives that may have some adverse effects in the long term.

We list all our ingredients in our packaging and on our products page. You can also contact us with any specific questions at info@palapets.com, we are happy to help you find the right recipes.

Yes, we have 7 fully balanced complete recipes for all life stages; #1 Original (Beef, chicken & salmon), Recipe #2 (Chicken & salmon), Recipe #3 (Beef & salmon), Recipe #4 (Rabbit, herring & salmon), Recipe #5 (Chicken), Recipe #6 (Turkey, duck & herring) and Recipe #7 (Lamb & herring)

We recommend mixing up the diet with our recipes #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Complete means the recipes have all of the essential nutritional elements that dogs need to be healthy - this is an extensive list of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids that dogs need. Our recipes not only meet 100% of the requirements but exceed them by huge margins. 

Balanced means the right amount of individual nutritional elements that can counteract with each other - for example Calcium and Phosphorus interact with each other and too much phosphorus Vs. calcium will affect the bone mineral density (weaken them) while too high calcium will inhibit the absorption of Phosphorous / Phosphate, an essential mineral that aids in metabolism, and maintaining bone and teeth health.

All Pala recipes are both complete and balanced for the life stages listed.

We generally recommend trying all recipes, given that your dog doesn’t have any specific allergies. Every dog is different, and in order to find out your pup’s favorite, we recommend ordering our complete recipe bundle first. You can beneficially mix and match our recipes.

We are continuously developing new recipes, based on client feedback as well as our own principles to offer you the best dog food possible. If you have any requests or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our reindeer antlers from Finnish Lapland are tried, tested and approved by our own dogs as well as many happy customers’ dogs. They are a 100% natural and safe chew that improves your pups oral health. As with all bones and chews, make sure to supervise your dog when chewing. If your dog is an excited chewer, biting the antler very hard, this might not be the right choice for your dog. Gnawing and chewing is okay.

Keep bag closed after opening, store in a cool dry place and consume within 2 weeks. Storing open bags in the refrigerator will also help extend the freshness.

As Pala is raw food without any artificial additives or preservatives, it is recommended to close the bag between usage. Keeping the bag in a cool and dry place will help preventing the food from spoiling faster. Consume an opened bag within 2 weeks.

Since Pala is raw and 100% natural, packing the food in 1kg sized bags is optimal for preservation and freshness. We are constantly making improvements to our production and procedures, and it is possible we will launch other sizes in the future.