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Our story

Our story starts with one man’s quest to find the best diet for his dogs. After his family adopted a second dog, Prabha Natarajan, our founder, started paying attention to their diet as one of them had an allergic reaction to some foods.

Not happy with the quality of the ingredients and the number of fillers in their food, he switched over to a different premium brand, without much success. After trying several other brands over the years, with varying levels of success, Prabha arrived at the inevitable conclusion – if he wanted the best food for his dogs, he will have to make it himself. And that is how Pala came into being.

At Pala, we set out to make the highest quality dog food without any compromises. And we did just that. We did a lot of research and brought in some of the brightest minds in the field to help create the ultimate food for dogs. Our requirements were non-negotiable:

• 100% natural ingredients without any additives or heavily processed ingredients

• Raw wholesome ingredients, minimally processed to preserve nutrition

• Locally sourced, human-grade ingredients that can be traced back to individual farms of origin

• Convenient. No cumbersome prep – freezing, thawing or soaking in water

• Highest overall nutritional quality – be it the Omega fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and proteins, or enzymes and probiotics from quality raw ingredients

• Balanced and complete – naturally, without any synthetic supplements

Meet Pala – redefining raw food for dogs

Raw but not wet or frozen, air-dried but not cooked, highly digestible and bio-available, complete and balanced, with an extra helping of Omegas 3 & 6, probiotics and enzymes.

Our innovative, sterile, closed loop air-drying process extracts moisture from our raw ingredients gently without breaking down the proteins and enzymes. The drying process takes up to 24 hours at low temperatures. This gives Pala our unique dry-to-touch texture while retaining freshness at room temperatures. Pala does not need to be refrigerated or frozen, and can be fed directly to pets without any preparation.

We are a Finnish brand with a global heritage. Our products are made by us, in our own kitchen in Estonia. Our recipes are developed in collaboration with DogRisk, a leading independent research organization focusing on canine nutrition and health at the University of Helsinki. Our collaboration with the academic world doesn’t end there. We also have a research partnership with Tallinn Technical University to implement the latest innovations in food preparation and preservation.

Our Core Values

At Pala, we have a few core values we hold dear and are very proud of. We can classify them in 3 categories.

Be kind

• Always consider the wellbeing of the pets first in our actions, from recipe development to production and packaging.

• Be compassionate to the animals that are harvested for our raw materials. Promote higher welfare standards among our producers.

• Be kind to the environment, promote sustainable production practices, always be conscious of the impact of our business and our carbon footprint.

Be fair

• Be fair to those we work with – our suppliers, our employees, our customers, and others we deal with. We will not take advantage of others to become a successful company.

• Be a good corporate citizen, and a role model for others – let our story inspire others to be fair and benevolent towards each other.

Be the best

• Our products, our people, and our processes – always be the best version there is.

Our core values at Pala

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